Seven Skin Rejuvenating Treatments That Will Let the Beautiful You Shine Through

It’s the time of year that adds years to our appearance. 

During the winter months, as ice-cold temperatures set in, humidity levels drop, and indoor thermostats rise, the resulting dry air tries to lure every drop of moisture from our skin. Add in harsh winter winds, and it’s no surprise our face feels raw, chapped, and itchy.

While the discomfort of winter weather is a pain in itself, it also ages us overnight. Fine lines and wrinkles seem to pop out of nowhere no matter how much moisturizer we slather on throughout the day. This happens for two reasons – when our skin loses hydration, it begins to deflate, exaggerating the look of fine lines. In addition, as dry skin flakes, the dead skin settles into wrinkles, making them more noticeable.

At-home remedies like using medical-grade hydrating products, investing in a humidifier, and keeping long, hot showers to a minimum can reduce the impact of our Midwest winters. But to return your skin to its pre-December glow, a skin rejuvenating treatment at Ooh La La Spa, Anti-Aging and Wellness is the ultimate rewind button.

Here are seven treatments to consider as we head into the next three months:

  1. Pearl Laser – Pearl resurfacing technology improves the texture of your skin and targets skin imperfections, such as fine lines, brown spots, and acne scars. During your procedure, small pulses of light dive deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production and add structure to aging skin. Most patients see visible improvements immediately after treatment and subtle enhancements in the weeks to follow.
  2. Secret RF – Refresh your skin this season with Secret RF. Using a microneedling system, Secret RF technology delivers fractional radio frequency (RF) energy to the deeper layers of skin, helping to rebuild the skin’s support system, restructure problem areas, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, and brown spots. Secret RF is highly customizable, so we can adapt it to your specific skin conditions.
  3. PRP & Microneedling – Collagen is the building block of healthy, hydrated skin, but aging paired with environmental factors causes levels of this protein to plummet. Microneedling creates tiny micro-channels in the skin that kickstart your skin’s natural healing process and collagen production. The addition of PRP (platelet rich plasma) from your own blood infuses your skin with growth factors that help it heal even deeper for improved tone and texture.
  4. Chemical Peels – Ooh La La offers SkinMedica® chemical peels in a range of strengths to address your biggest skin concerns. From the gentle Illuminize peel that brightens and tightens skin to the deep-penetrating Rejuvenize peel that erases the signs of sun damage, fine lines, and dark spots, chemical peels are a safe, gentle way to accelerate skin renewal and reveal a more youthful-looking appearance.
  5. Laser Genesis – Using focused light tuned to specific wavelengths, Laser Genesis targets and corrects skin issues, including redness, sagging skin, and acne. The energy travels deep below your skin’s surface to boost collagen production, yet is completely non-invasive and requires no downtime. After your procedure, skin is smoother, pores shrink, and fine lines fade away.
  6. LimeLight IPL Photofacial – You can take years off your appearance over your lunch hour! During your customized, non-invasive LimeLight photofacial procedure, IPL (intense pulsed light) energy is delivered through the skin to reactivate blood flow and stimulate collagen. Within one to three weeks, dark spots fade, redness resolves, and skin tone is improved.
  7. DiamondGlow – The best thing you can do for your skin during the winter is to rehydrate it. The three-step DiamondGlow procedure exfoliates to remove dry, damaged skin, extracts dirt, oil and debris from your pores, and infuses your skin with SkinMedica Pro-Infusion serums. Our next-level, fully customizable treatment leaves your skin feeling smoother, fresher, and healthier while evening out its tone and texture for gorgeous, clear results.

Get a head start on beautiful skin this season with the Ooh La La Smart SCIN Membership

If you’re ready to ward off winter and the skin damage it leaves in its wake, sign up now for the Ooh La La Smart SCIN Membership. With one low payment each month, you can enjoy younger-looking skin all year. As a Smart SCIN Membership member, you’ll receive a custom skin revitalizing treatment plan tailored to your goals and budget as well as save on procedures and products with guaranteed pricing. Plus, you can earn free rewards throughout 2022!

To invest in yourself today, contact Ooh La La for your personal skincare consultation.

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