Tom Cruise is older than Wilford Brimley was in Cocoon

Dr Wise from Ooh La La here…I have to share this with everyone!

Can you believe this tweet:

Hi! Tom Cruise is five years older in “Mission: Impossible: Fallout” than Wilford Brimley was in “Cocoon”! I don’t know what to do with this information, and now, neither do you!

It popped up on my twitter feed last week. I was so surprised by it I did some fact checking. Tom Cruise is in fact 5 years older than Wilford Brimley was in Cocoon!

Look at this side by side:

That is just crazy! Isn’t it? After going down the rabbit hole and googling the two actors I’ve learned that they’ve been compared several times in the past 6 years or so. (They were even in the movie The Firm together.)

I do know what to do with this information. Find out what Tom Cruise is doing to age so well!

From what I’ve read about his health, Tom Cruise is known to exercise, do his own stunts, and eat healthy. —one site said the longer he runs on the screen, the more money the films have grossed. I’m not fact-checking that but he does run in a lot in his movies…

I searched to see what skin care products he uses and only found a lot of speculation. And most of the speculation was the same. Eat right, exercise, and use some skin care product with moisturizers. I would agree that diet and exercise are huge for looking and feeling youthful.

But I think he also has a skin care regimen that is more than just moisturizers. I would guess that it includes a good cleanser, hydration, antioxidants, growth factors, and sun protection.

[av_button_big label=’Which made me think about SkinMedicas new Mens Skin Care System’ description_pos=’below’ link=’manually,′ link_target=’_blank’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’ue800′ font=’entypo-fontello’ custom_font=’#ffffff’ color=’theme-color’ custom_bg=’#444444′ color_hover=’theme-color’ custom_bg_hover=’#444444′ admin_preview_bg=”][/av_button_big]

Guess what it has in it!

A good cleanser, hydration, anti-oxidants, and sun protection! They should have launched it with the movie!

I’ve used TNS Essential Serum once a day for a couple of years. (After seeing so many great before and after pictures here–I’d be crazy if I didn’t!) It’s the best product for growth factors. I use the cleanser and sunscreen too.

But using this system will add the anti-oxidants and hydration I was missing. And I want to age like Tom Cruise!

Maybe your husband or boyfriend does too. If they do, get them a Men’s Kit! Right now you get a free TNS Eye Repair ($102 value) for you when you purchase a RegiMen Skin Care System in the office.

Let me be completely clear. I’m not saying Tom Cruise uses Skinmedica…he may or may not…but I do and you can too.

One last thing, as I was googling movie info this video of him taking James Corden skydiving popped up. It’s hilarious! (oh, and he runs in it too!)

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