Tips on fighting aging

There it is, another wrinkle.  Is that a liver spot?  As we get older, it seems like our skin is a grim reminder.  Every time we look in the mirror, we see the years of work, stress, and environmental factors that have stretched our skin, and have given us wrinkles and age spots that wreak havoc on our complexions.  Some of us try to fight it tooth and nail, while others seem to look the same age no matter how old they are.  Here are a few tips you can follow to turn back time and fight looking older.

  1. Age/Liver Spots
    • One of the reasons you have these is constant exposure to the sun. Limiting your time in the sun or using sunscreens that are designed to work on the face and contain a moisturizersa are key in keeping more from appearing.
    • As we get older, our bodies don’t manufacture as many digestive enzymes as it used to. This means less nutrients are getting into the bloodstream, and this leads to nutritional deficiencies.  Taking an herbal based food enzymes tablet will help to replenish the enzymes and get your digestive system back in fine running order, which will lead to clearing those spots.
  2. Bags under the eyes
    • As we age, the elasticity in our skin tends to fade, leaving us with baggy and puffy eyes.
    • This can be remedied by taking Retinol A and Vitamin C together. Both of these vitamins help to return the pliability in the skin, and reducing the bags and puffiness.
    • Eye creams with retinol and caffeine tend to work as well, but be leery of the brands you purchase. Not all of them are created equal.

Herbals, such as horsetail and kelp provide vitamins and minerals vital to healthy skin and its elasticity.  Superfoods such as blueberry and pomegranate can help turn back the hand of time and prevent new wrinkles from forming.  For the best results, consult your skin care professional.

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