The Best Way to Clean Your Face

We do it all the time don’t we?  We wet our faces, put the soap on wet hands, lather it up, and wash our face.  We then rinse and pat dry and go on to bed.  We wonder sometimes why there are one or two more blemishes and why our face feels stretched and tight.  Here is why.

You fingernails are the dirtiest part of your body.

Think about this for a moment.  We scratch itches, thumb through wallets and purses, pull on clothing, and so many other things during the day and all with our fingers.  Our nails are collecting all sorts of dirt and germs in the process.  When we wash them, it’s only temporary, and then the collecting starts again.

Pull your hair back.

It not only makes washing your face easier, but keeping it pulled back loosely, will also prevent oils and dirt from the hair to brush against your face when you sleep.

Use a Clarasonic.

These are invaluable in washing your face.  Place one squirt SkinMedica Facial Cleansers on your face, and make lather.  You then clean your face by making small circles from your forehead down to the right side of your face, and then around and up the left side.  Then use the Clarasonic to clean the cheeks, chin, nose, and below the jaw.  The brush will prevent your fingers from touching your skin, and also provide a mild exfoliation, loosening dead skin as well as dirt and oil.

Pat Dry

If you have been doing this, you’re on the right track.  If you are harshly rubbing a towel on your face, you’re causing the skin to be lightly scraped, opening it up for more dirt to settle.  Patting your face dry and allowing it to dry naturally will help it retain some moisture.

Follow-up with a moisturizer.

Soap, even mild soap for the face such as SkinMedica facial Cleanser is made to remove all dirt and oils from the face, this includes natural oils.  Use a light moisturizer if your skin in prone to be being oily.  Use a medium facial moisturizer for a dry complexion.   Be sure the moisturizer has fully been absorbed into the skin before your head hits the pillow.  This will prevent more dirt and oil from amassing on the skin.

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