The Benefits of Chemical Peels

While it’s unnerving name could use a little rebranding, its reputation for revealing younger, more beautiful skin has made the chemical peel one of today’s most sought-after cosmetic procedures – years after it first hit the beauty scene.

Gone are the days when painful peels left skin red and raw (just check out Samantha on Sex in the City for the ultimate cringe-inducing example) or required multiple treatments. But thanks to refined formulas and new application techniques, skin imperfections are gently peeled away for immediate results. And all that redness? In most cases, it’s gone in just a few hours!

Best of all, chemical peels are ideal for anyone, from a college student battling breakouts to former sun worshippers looking to reverse the side effects of our Midwestern summers.

Uncovering the skin you always wanted

A chemical peel uses AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) or BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) to penetrate and exfoliate the skin. It may be superficial, removing the first layer to reveal a healthy glow, or deep to flush out dead skin cells hiding below the epidermis. After just one session, your skin texture appears smoother, softer and more youthful.

With a chemical peel, you can:

  • Banish the blemishes – Acne can affect women of any age. However, by using peels with salicylic acid, your surgeon can unclog pores, pull out those pesky blackheads and even help acne scars fade. And because the salicylic acid dives deep below the skin, it sticks around long after the procedure to stay in pimple-fighting mode.
  • Erase fine line and wrinkles – When the epidermis is peeled away, new cells are produced and take its place as the skin begins to heal. The result is tighter and fresher skin, taking years off your appearance. If wrinkles are particularly deep, your practitioner can use a more penetrating peel for better results.
  • Reverse sun damage – According to researchers, UV rays account for 80 percent of skin aging, leaving dark spots, freckles, and wrinkles in their path. With a chemical peel, cells that haven’t seen the light of day come to the surface, and any discoloration begins to disappear.
  • Take on hyperpigmentation – Other cosmetic treatments can address melasma and age spots caused by genetics or hormones, but results are usually temporary. Chemical peels, on the other hand, often eviscerate spots for good, and if not, at least help them fade over time.
  • Get the most from your cosmetic routine – Dead skin cells can stand in the way of your skin care products, keeping them from doing their jobs. But once they’re removed, your eye care and wrinkle creams can sink into the skin for better absorption. Plus, you have a smoother palate so makeup goes on evenly without settling into scars and wrinkles.

Your chemical peel expert for Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Maryville, and St. Louis

Finding the right chemical peel for your particular needs begins with a consultation. At Ooh La La Spa Anti-Aging & Wellness in Glen Carbon, Ill., Dr. Kristen Jacobs, has over 10 years experience as a SkinMedica specialist, will meet one-on-one with you to understand your concerns and determine the best treatment for you. From a gentle illuminating peel for an overall glow to our deepest procedure to address wrinkles and scars, Dr. Jacobs can leave you feeling your beautiful best. To schedule your consultation, contact us today at (618) 248-4212.


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