Limelight IPL Photofacial

Looking To Reduce Brown Spots & Redness?

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Brown Spots & Redness With Limelight IPL Photofacial

LimeLight IPL Photofacial is a non-invasive, skin rejuvenating treatment offering improved skin tone, reduced redness, and reduction in brown spots associated with sun damage and skin aging. It works by delivering small amounts of light energy through your skin to reactivate blood flow and stimulate collagen. This IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment can be customized to your skin type to give you the best results. And the best part? Treatments are quick and can be done over your lunch hour!

Limelight IPL Photofacial

After Limelight IPL Photofacial

Immediately following your treatment, brown spots on the skin will darken and skin may appear slightly red or pink. This usually lasts for a few hours after your treatment and, in some cases, may take up to 2 days to fully return to normal. We recommend ColoreScience mineral makeup to cover any red or darkened areas. Within 1-3 weeks, dark spots fade and skin redness resolves as your complexion improves.

As your skin is exposed to the sun, you may experience new brown spots and may require further treatments. Daily use of our SkinMedica and Colorescience including physical sunscreen and our skin brightening cream is highly recommended for anyone undergoing treatments to help keep the results of your procedures consistent. 

Limelight IPL Photofacial can safely be combined with the following treatments for enhanced results:

  • Microdermabrasion 
  • Chemical Peels 
  • PRP & Microneedling
  • Laser Genesis
  • Secret RF
  • Ultherapy
  • Pearl Laser
  • Thermi
  • Injectables
  • DiamondGlow

Am I A Good Candidate For Limelight IPL Photofacial?

If you’re looking to reduce brown spots or redness, then Limelight IPL Photofacial may be the right fit for you. 

When you visit with Dr. Jacobs and the medical team at Ooh La La, we give your skin a thorough examination to determine if Limelight IPL Photofacial is your best treatment option. If you have any contraindicating medical conditions, we can discuss all of your treatment options with you to achieve your desired results.

Please keep in mind that with IPL Photofacial, results may vary and multiple sessions may be necessary in order to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Why LimeLight IPL Photofacial Is Right For You:

  • Treats Brown Spots, Hyperpigmentation, & Redness
  • Non-Invasive
  • Minimal To No Downtime
  • Dark Spots Fade after 1-3 Weeks
  • Use SkinMedica & ColoreScience products for best results

FAQs About LimeLight IPL Photofacial

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