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Ooh La La Supplements

At Ooh La La, we realize that beauty starts from within, when you look and feel your best. Our line of supplements is tailored to address the nutritional deficiencies we see most commonly. Our line of supplements focuses on improving:

  • Musculoskeletal health
  • Women’s health
  • Essential vitamins
  • Essential minerals
  • Essential nutrition
  • Gastrointestinal support
  • Cardiovascular health

Formulated With You In Mind

At Ooh La La, we want only the best for our patients which is why we are so particular about the supplements we choose to offer. When you take Ooh La La Supplements, you can rest assured that each formula is tested and approved by Dr. Wise and Dr. Jacobs.

If you are feeling tired or dealing with pain, it can often have an effect on your outward appearance. At Ooh La La, we want you to feel beautiful inside and out, which is why along with skincare we also prioritize your overall health. Schedule a consultation with us today to start living your most healthy and beautiful life.

Why Ooh La La Supplements Are Right For You:

  • Customizable For Your Needs
  • Each product is tailored to give you the highest possible nutritional support
  • High Quality Ingredients from proper ingredient sourcing in every formula
  • Tested & Approved.  Ingredients are tested individually as well as every batch
  • Driven By Science
  • Authentic products are only sold in an MD’s office, like at Ooh La La
Ooh La La Supplements

Some of our favorite Supplements to Look & Feel Your Best:


MicroCollagen - Skin Tight

    • Protects and Promotes Connective Tissue Biosynthesis
    • Supports the Body’s Processes of Cartilage, Tendon, Ligament and Fascia Self-Repair
    • Supports Joint Lubrication, Joint Cushioning, and Normal Connective Tissue
    • Inflammatory Response
    • Supports Normal Rejuvenation of Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

Skin Bright

    • Supports healthy immune system function
    • Supports the liver’s natural detoxification processes
    • Neutralizes free radicals
    • Brighten’s skin from within

The Essentials for Hair Skin & Nails

    • Provides Key Nutrients for Skin, Hair and Nail
    • Enhances Collagen Formation
    • Thickens and Strengthens Hair and Nails
    • Promotes Hormone Balance


    • Helps Maintain Gastrointestinal Balance
    • Increases Secretory IgA for Enhanced Gut Immunity
    • Supports Bowel Regularity
    • Supports Digestion and Micronutrient Absorption

Vitamins D3 & K2

    • Supports Healthy Blood Circulation
    • Promotes Optimal Bone Health and Proper Calcium Storage
    • Supports Cardiovascular Health and Arterial Elasticity
    • Boosts Immune Function

Fish Oil

    • Supports Cardiovascular Health and Blood Sugar Metabolism
    • Supports Cognitive Function and Development
    • Supports Healthy Skin, Joints and Connective Tissues
    • Increases Visual and Ocular Health
    • Helps Maintain a Healthy Inflammatory Response and
    • Strengthen Immune Function

Power Mineral

    • Provides Broad Spectrum Mineral Support for a Variety of Protocols
    • Supports Any Bone Building Protocol
    • Increases Skeletal Strength and Promotes Healthy Bone Density

Power Multi

    • Recharges Cellular Energy Production
    • Supports Immune Function
    • Increases Antioxidant Protection
    • Supports Detoxification Capacity
    • Provides Key Micronutrients to Optimize Daily
    • Nutritional Intake

Metagenics Through Ooh La La

OmegaGenics® Mega 10®

OmegaGenics® Mega 10®

OmegaGenics® Mega 10® features a combination of omega-3 and omega-7 fatty acids to help support healthy triglyceride levels already within the normal range. This formula also helps support immune function and cardiovascular health.

UltraFlora® Balance

UltraFlora® Balance

UltraFlora® Balance provides a dairy-free base for a blend of highly viable, pure strains of L. acidophilus NCFM® and B. lactis Bi-07®—“friendly” bacteria that have been shown to support a healthy intestinal environment and immune health. Backed by the Metagenics ID Guarantee for purity, clinical reliability, and predicted safety via scientific identification of strains with established health benefits.

Perfect Protein® Pea & Rice

Perfect Protein® Pea & Rice

Perfect Protein Pea & Rice features OptiProtein®—a balanced combination of 20 grams of a high quality, proprietary pea and rice protein blended with 3.5 grams of added essential amino acids (EAAs) to deliver a complete protein source that helps to support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Wellness Essentials® Women

Wellness Essentials® Women

Support heart health, bone health, and overall wellness daily. Wellness Essentials Women is formulated to target your unique nutritional needs to help you stay active and vital and maintain overall health.

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