Kybella for Men?

Over 40% of Kybella Patients are Men Who Have Never had a Cosmetic Procedure Before.

What Is Kybella, And Is It Be For Men?

Did you know, around 45% of Kybella patients are men who have never had a cosmetic procedure before? That information comes from Conor Gallagher, Allergan’s Executive Director Of Medical Affairs.

Kybella, the hottest new non-surgical, noninvasive way to get rid of that double chin forever is the most popular cosmetic treatment among men as of June 2017.

kybella for me

Kybella uses deoxycholic acid (a naturally occurring product found in your body that breaks down fat) to eliminate that ugly, droopy double chin forever.

With more photographs and selfies being taken in 2017 than ever before, not to mention the increased popularity of online dating, more men are looking at their chins and seeing that they don’t like the way they look. It’s fairly common for men to mention that they never noticed their double chin in the mirror but saw it in a post on Facebook or Instagram.

One of the most interesting reasons given for the explosion of popularity of Kybella with men is that popular Father’s Day gift and sign of the office worker worldwide:

The tie.

Dr Sachin Shridharani of NYC, the first licensed practitioner of Kybella says:

“Either you wear a looser-fitting shirt with a collar that doesn’t close against the skin to make it more convenient, which looks sloppy, or you have people adjusting their neck, putting a finger between their collar and skin all day because it’s uncomfortable,” he says. “I have a lot of individuals coming in saying, ‘I need to feel more comfortable in clothes. I can’t wear certain types of clothes without it looking weird.’ ”

Another reason the procedure appeals to men?

It’s fast! The average treatment session lasts about 30 minutes for the first session and 15-20 minutes for any subsequent sessions that may be necessary. The vast majority of patients achieve the results they want in 2 treatments but sometimes it’s necessary for more treatments to achieve even better results. With less than an hour of total treatment time, men can get Kybella treatment on their schedule without needing to make time for it.

And the best part about Kybella is that the results last, with between 75-90% of patients retaining their results up to 5 years after the procedure.

How Does It Work?

It’s pretty simple, first your chin will be numbed with ice and then you’ll be injected with Kybella. There’s minimum pain with the injections; most people don’t even feel it. There will be a little bit of swelling during the next 24-48 hours and your jaw may feel “Jelly like” but these side effects are not that noticeable and will pass within a few days.

No downtime or days off work necessary.

Kybella itself keeps working for weeks to burn the fat stored under your chin and expel it from your body. You’ll start to see results in as little as a month after your first treatment with maximum results around 3 months after your last treatment. 

If you’re ready to finally lose that double chin and start putting your best face forward, contact us today to get our lowest price on Kybella of the year!

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