Here’s How to Break the Habit of Skin Picking

Skin picking is a bad habit and can cause some serious skin conditions. Still, many of us are guilty of picking at our blemishes. Here are five ways to break your skin picking habit:

1. Set Your Mind to Not Pick Your Skin

Whether you make a solemn pledge not to pick your skin, sign a no-picking contract (legally binding, mind you), or you simply decide to go “cold turkey” on skin picking, it is important to set your mind in the right direction.

2. Ask for Help

If you can’t do it alone, ask a family member or a friend for help and support. If you’re a really bad skin picker and just can’t keep your hands away from your face, a simple “slap me if you see me pick my skin” might work. Or they can just warn you verbally not to do it.

3. Keep Your Hands and Mind Busy

People normally pick their skin when they’re either nervous or bored, so try to avoid getting into those situations. Keep your mind busy and don’t allow it to wander, because then your hand will most likely sneak up on your face and start picking on a blemish.

Why Do We Pick Our Skin?

Most people, when they see a blemish, think it will go away faster if they pick it a little (or a lot). The truth is this will only leave a scab, which later turns into a post-breakout scar. This scar can stay on your face for months. On the other hand, if you let a blemish heal naturally, maybe with the help of a good skin care product, it will go away much quicker and won’t leave a trace behind.
A condition called Dermatilliomania can also be behind a person’s compulsive skin picking. Since this often leads to severe skin scarring, it’s a good idea to consult with your physician, esthetician or other skin care professional on how to keep it in check.

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