Excess Body Fat Holding You Back?

Achieve Younger, Beautiful & Healthier Skin With The Help Of Dr. Jacobs & The Ooh La La Team.

Causes Of Excess Body Fat

Stubborn and unwanted fat can result from past unbalanced eating habits and not enough exercise. Sometimes, though, even when we get back on track with diet and exercise, we struggle with stubborn fat that just won’t go away. Dr. Jacobs &  the Ooh La La team can guide you to your desired results with our full menu of treatments and products.

Ooh La La treatments and products will help treat your skin for:

Here's How We Reduce Excess Body Fat

SCIN + Body

Ooh La La believes in complete SCINcare (we spell SCIN differently!)
It is our philosophy that to get the most beautiful results possible and to reduce excess body fat, it takes five factors:


  • Fat Cells Are Eliminated For Good
  • 100% Surgery Free
  • Minimal Or No Downtime
  • Safe (FDA Approved)
  • Noticeable Results
  • Reduces Or Eliminates Fat Underneath The Chin
  • Minimal To No Downtime
  • Visible Results Within 2-4 Treatments
  • Safe (FDA Approved)
  • Structured Weight Loss Program
  • Learn Smarter Lifestyle Choices and Smarter Eating Choices
  • Medically Developed Diet Protocol

Customize A Treatment Plan Just For You!

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