Dr. Kristen Jacobs: No More Excuses To Not Wear Sunscreen! 

Dr. Jacobs, international best-selling author, wants to encourage the use of sunscreen–not just in the summer, but all year long. Below is an excerpt from Dr. Jacobs’ book Live Life Beautifully (With a Little Help) (p. 60-61)

When you think of skincare, you should automatically think of protecting your skin first! Do not make the same mistake I did and wait to wear sunscreen daily until you are diagnosed with skin cancer. Start today! Choose the right products that are luxurious and multitask to save money, shorten your skincare routine, and aid in the prevention of skin cancer while decreasing the signs of premature aging so you have healthier, younger looking skin needing less correction later. Please teach your children the same!

There is obviously more to skincare than sunscreen, and there are several medical-grade skincare lines out there. I choose SkinMedica skincare products because when it comes to science, there is not any other company as experienced as it is. With over eighty publications in peer reviewed, industry-leading journals and over two hundred studies – more than all other skincare companies – they truly have the science to back up their products.

I mentioned a lot about Colorescience because their products include those wonderful multitaskers that make your skin look great while protecting it from the sun and the environment. They also bring the science to the table. With “science” in their name, Colorescience puts in the work for clinical validation for both their corrective and preventative sun-care products. Over the last seven years, they have done roughly forty clinical and case studies and twenty feature publications. I do not just take their word for it, though. I have over eleven years of personal use and clinical experience with SkinMedica and over seven years of experience with Colorescience. I personally have the results to show that their products work.

Both of these companies have a greater purpose than just symptom management. Their goal is to address what is causing the symptom. My philosophy aligns with theirs: improving the health of the skin improves the overall look of the skin and is the key to healthy aging.

If you’re interested in reading more, you can stop by and purchase a copy of Live Life Beautifully (With a Little Help) or order online here

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