Do You Suffer From Winter Dry Skin?

Do You Suffer From Winter Dry Skin?

Winters can be especially brutal on all of us who live here in Southern Illinois. To escape the blistering cold and ferocious winds, we spend our days indoors, savoring the toasty warmth of central heating.

Unfortunately, the very thing that takes the chill out of our bones can leave us with dry winter skin. Forced indoor air, combined with low humidity levels and face-chapping weather, quickly rob the body of the moisture it needs, causing skin to dry, crack and flake.

To stop dry skin from dulling your complexion or settling into fine lines, skip the drugstore creams and start hydrating from the inside out with help from Ooh La La Spa, Anti-Aging and Wellness in Glen Carbon.

do-you-suffer-from-winter-dry-skin Protecting your face with a dry skin treatment

The easiest ways to prevent winter dry skin are to moisturize throughout the day, keep filling your water bottle and grab for fruits and veggies with high water content, such as melons, cucumbers, and spinach.

But while these tips can help refuel hydration levels, in most cases, they’re not enough. To truly find relief, you may have to rely on medical-grade products and procedures:

The HA5 skincare line

Our body naturally produces hyaluronic acid (HA) to hold in moisture and keep skin smooth and supple. As we grow older, our HA levels start to decline, and without enough in our body, our skin can’t retain the moisture we get from creams and serum – especially during the winter months.

The HA5 system from SkinMedica and Ooh La La offers proprietary formulations that sink below the epidermis, increasing hydration and helping the body replenish naturally-formed HA. By applying an HA5 product to your face once in the morning and once at night, you can enjoy healthier skin all winter long, and as an added benefit, delight in a more youthful appearance as lines and wrinkles begin to plump and fill.

HydraFacials for dry winter skin

As moisture loss continues throughout the season, it becomes more difficult to repair dry, chapped skin. And unfortunately, that layer of dead skin cells acts as a barrier on your face, preventing moisturizers from doing their job.

One effective option is an exfoliating HydraFacial from Ooh La La. When performed by our knowledgeable provider, HydraFacial sloughs off the dead cells and cleanses the face before infusing the skin with medical-grade serums that hydrate, nourish and soften. After one treatment, you’ll not only regain that pre-winter glow, but your skin will be healthier overall.

True omega fish oils

Essential fatty acids, like omega-3s, are key to keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated by stimulating the production of natural oils in the body. While seafood, nuts, and soybeans often provide the daily amount you need, during the winter, a fish oil supplement from Ooh La La can help reverse moisture loss. Even more important, if you suffer from conditions like dermatitis or eczema that are triggered by cleansers and winter weather, true omega fish oils are a simple, pain-free way to get the hydration your body craves.

Greater relief from all your dry skin causes

Give your skin the care it deserves this season! By offering a three-tiered approach to dry winter skin relief, Ooh La La can help rehydrate the body so you feel more comfortable in your skin, no matter how cold and windy our St. Louis weather gets! Contact us today at (618) 248-4212, and we’ll help you find a solution to those irritating skin problems that continue to come around this time of year.

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