8 Warning Signs You’re About To Get A Bad Injection

You need to think carefully about where and from whom you get injections like Botox® and Juvéderm®, in this article you’ll learn 8 warning signs to identify when you’re about to get a bad injection.

With over 8.4 million injection procedures performed in 2016, there are bound to be a few bad injections.

A whole community has even popped up sharing Botox® and other injection horror stories.

Furthermore, as doctors try to cash in on the injectable wave, there are more and more inexperienced injectors who are throwing their hat into the injectable arena without specializing in skincare or having the correct certifications and experience.

Luckily with a little bit of paying attention and a willingness to hit the door running if you get a bad feeling about an injection before you go through with it, you can make sure that your injections enhance rather than affect your skin’s beauty by noticing:

8 Warning Signs You’re About To Get A Bad Injection


  1. You don’t see the injector open a brand-new needle. This should be obvious but you want to make sure that the injector opens a brand-new needle in front of you! While it’s rare, it is not unheard of for fly-by-night injectors to reuse needles exposing you to everything from infection to HIV. Don’t take a Doctor or injector’s word for it – make sure you verify that you’re getting a new sterile needle with your own eyes.
  2. The room is dirty or doesn’t look like a place you should be receiving injections. You would not believe the places that people have received injections. From a back room in a hair salon to a party in an Instagram playboy’s Hollywood Hills home, it seems some people will get injections anywhere if they are free or cheap enough. Don’t be like those people. You want to make sure that you’re getting injected in a medical clinic, in a room that looks like it’s main purpose is giving injections. It’s also important that in addition to having a sterile needle you also have a clean room and injecting surface. Bottom line – if you think it’s weird to get injections somewhere, don’t do it!
  3. The Injector appears nervous. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to be the first or even tenth person an Injector has performed a procedure on. If the Injector looks nervous, don’t be afraid to ask about their training and certifications, how many procedures they’ve performed or how long they have been licensed. You have the right to change your mind about an injection or ask for a different more experienced Injector. It’s your face!
  4. They only offer you the injections rather than a comprehensive skin care plan. It’s a major red flag if the injector only offers you injections and doesn’t discuss the injections as part of a skin care plan. The Injector should know why you want to get these injections and what your overall skin care goals are so that they can make sure that you’re getting the right injections for your goals.  Anti-aging takes a comprehensive plan to give you the best results possible.
  5. The Injections Are Priced Too Cheaply. You want to be wary of injections that are WAY cheaper than the rest of the injectors in your city. Be especially wary of Injectors who are just starting out and are offering crazy deals to get people through the door (it’s even worse if they have been around awhile and are still offering crazy deals).  There is usually a reason that places offer cheap injections.  If the price is low, you have to wonder if the product is real, if it’s fresh, and/or if the Injector has any experience at all.  Remember, you get what you pay for.  Do NOT shop for injectables based solely on price, you want an EXPERIENCED injector that is going to give you the BEST RESULTS!
  6. The Injector is not a specialist. Injecting is an art form in addition to being a science. It’s unlikely that a doctor who specializes in another field is also going to be an Expert Injector. You want to make sure that you entrust your face to an Injector who specializes in doing injections. You want an Injector that understands facial anatomy and injects all day, every day, not just an occasional injection here and there.  That might sound like common sense but many patients get their injections from doctors with another specialty they are already familiar with or with a non-physician that has not been trained appropriately only to regret it later on.  
  7. The Injector doesn’t ask about your medical history. While most injections like Botox® are EXTREMELY low-risk procedures, it is STILL A PROCEDURE and your Injector should ask about your medical history. They should also specifically ask if you’ve had any muscle or nerve conditions or trouble swallowing. If the Injector doesn’t ask any questions or seem interested in your medical history, you may want to think twice about letting them inject you.
  8. The Injector doesn’t tell you what to expect next: Last but certainly not least, the injector should tell you what to expect both from the injection and afterward. The injector should also remind you to avoid blood thinners including aspirin, bending over and blow drying your hair for a few hours or days after the injection. They should also give you an idea of when results should set in and what to look for.  

Bad injections don’t have to happen to good people. While most of avoiding bad injections come down to common sense, I bet there were a few things on that list that you hadn’t thought about before.

Even though these procedures are becoming more and more mainstream and they may seem like a simple thing, they are still medical procedures that should be performed by an Injector who specializes in injecting.  Make sure that you pick a Medical Office that specializes in Anti-Aging procedures for your injectables and AVOID cheap injections (IT IS YOUR FACE!).  Choose an Expert Injector with vast experience that you trust and you will have amazing results that you will love!

To schedule an injection as part of a comprehensive SCINcare program by one of Allergan’s top 1% injectors,  give us a call at (618) 248-4212 or visit our homepage: Ooh La La!

We look forward to hearing from you!


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