6 Warning Signs You Might Need Botox

A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin

It’s often thought that Franklin was referring to health in that famous quote, but fun fact; he was actually discussing fire safety.

Regardless, he could have been describing our SCIN system for skincare and the quote would have been even more accurate.

The best time to get Botox is before you really need it.

Which is why Injectables are the I in our proprietary SCIN formula.

Many patients come in to Ooh La La for injectables and are very proud that they held out until they absolutely couldn’t stand their wrinkles anymore or held out longer than they’re friends.

The problem with thinking like this is that by the time the wrinkles get so bad that you can no longer stand them, you’re going to need laser resurfacing and possibly multiple different procedures when 5 years ago a few simple injections would have prevented this entire process.

Botox as prevention:

While everyone’s skin is different, and factors like skin color, sun exposure, smoking and family history should be shared and discussed with your Dr before any injectable, Botox can help to prevent deep imprinted lines by relaxing the muscles that crease the face.

When you’re in your twenties, your skin has the volume and thickness to bounce back from the constant crinkling and creasing of your facial muscles. But as you hit your mid thirties and 40’s the skin begins to lose volume and become thinner causing the wrinkles to become deeply set and imprinted.

And, according to experts like Dr Sheila Nazaran, Botox can even start to slow down the process of developing wrinkles later in life, she told Glamour Magazine:

“When you use Botox, you are preventing fine wrinkles and preventing deepening of those wrinkles you already have. Potentially if you start early you will atrophy the facial muscles and weaken them so that you don’t have to get Botox as often when you are older.”

Now that you can see the benefits of using Botox for prevention, let’s look at 6 signs that you might need Botox.

6 Signs You Might Need Botox:

  1. Angry 11s. Also occasionally referred to as a “furrow crease”, angry 11s are vertical lines between the eyebrows that come from scrunching up or furrowing the brow. Angry 11s can be very fine in your early to mid-twenties but they are an indicator that more wrinkles are coming.
  2. Crow’s feet. Last but certainly not least we have the most famous type of wrinkle crow’s feet.  Also known as “laugh” or “character” lines, crow’s feet are groups of tiny wrinkles that form around the corner of the eyes and tend to develop in the late 30s. Luckily crows feet are easily treatable with just a few units of Botox.
  3. Expressive lines. Taking their name from the way expressive people exaggerate their facial expressions, often without even realizing they are doing it, tend to put a lot of strain on those facial muscles which can lead to those deep wrinkles forming. If you’re very expressive, you may want to look into preventive Botox even if you’re not yet seeing those wrinkles form.
  4. Skin prone to fine lines. If you have very fair skin, even a small amount of exposure to the sun can be enough to start to fine lines beneath your eyes or around your mouth. Those with fair skin should monitor their fine lines closely as they can be precursors to deeper, harder to deal with wrinkles down the line that can be prevented with just a few units of Botox every 6 months or so.
  5. Jelly roll. The roll of skin that forms under the eye when some people smile is often referred to by dermatologists as a “jelly roll” This roll can prevent your eyes from opening as wide as possible leading to a more closed off smile. A more wide-eyed smile is one of the most common requests from patients of all ages at Oh La La and other Medspas around the country.
  6. Asymmetry. One of the most common reasons to get Botox early on is to correct facial asymmetry such as having one eyebrow that is more sloped or droopy. Lifting the eyebrow into an arch and putting a little Botox in the outer corner of the eyebrow will create a more symmetrical and pleasing look no matter your age.

No one wants wrinkles, but oftentimes by the time they get bad enough for you to schedule an appointment for Botox, it’s more about correction versus prevention and it’s more than likely going to cost more than a preventive approach by starting early.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Here at Ooh La La, we believe that injectables are an important part of the SCIN process no matter what age you are.

If you’ve seen 1 or more of these 6 warning signs appearing in the mirror, the time is now to schedule an appointment with one of certified injectable experts and start preventing those unsightly wrinkles and fine lines before they become etched in.

Contact Us Today to set up a consultation for any of your Botox related concerns.

And remember to

Live. Life. Beautifully.


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Do you wish you started sooner?

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