Local aesthetic physician, Dr. Kristen Jacobs, offers expert tips for healthy skin throughout the holidays

According to the American Psychological Association, nearly 40 percent of people say their stress levels increase during the holiday season. Holiday travel, eating more sugar and drinking more alcohol alongside increased stress levels can negatively affect your skin’s appearance and health.

Kristen M. Jacobs, MD, aesthetic physician, best-selling author, and owner of Ooh La La Spa, Anti-Aging & Wellness wants to remind people before the festivities begin that it’s important to make a plan for how to maintain your skincare routine.

“The holiday season is right around the corner and your skin’s appearance can be the first sign that you are starting to feel the stress,” said Dr. Jacobs. “Before those family gatherings, getting a good night’s sleep is very important. Sleep deprivation can cause an elevated level of cortisol which puts your body in a constant state of stress. This can result in an overall dull appearance, breakouts and dark circles under and around your eyes.”

Dr. Jacobs said if traveling somewhere warm or even a snowy place, it is essential to bring the right sunscreen.

She recommends people continue using a mineral-based, physical sunscreen every day and prioritize drinking water during travel to help with hydration.

“It’s no secret that attending holiday parties can cause people to eat more sugar and drink more alcohol,” said Dr. Jacobs. “It’s important to drink plenty of water since alcohol can cause dehydration and stop your skin cells from functioning properly. Sugar in alcohol and sweets can also damage the collagen and elastin in your skin and prevent you from looking youthful. If you have a holiday sweet tooth and want to satisfy your cravings, opt to bring healthier sweets with antioxidants like berries or dark chocolate to your next party.”

Dr. Jacobs said remembering to remove your makeup before going to bed each night is extremely important. Sleeping with your face makeup on can clog your pores, cause breakouts and irritate your complexion. Getting a chemical peel or facial before family gatherings can also help you feel your best before the holiday season.

About Ooh La La Spa, Anti-Aging & Wellness

Headquartered in Glen Carbon, Ill., Ooh La La Spa, Anti-Aging & Wellness is the number one medical spa in the St. Louis Metro East and the top provider of injectables in the metropolitan area. Kristen M. Jacobs, M.D., International Best-Selling Author of “Live Life Beautifully (With a Little Help)” Robert L. Wise, D.C. and their team offer an extensive line of state-of-the-art aesthetic medicine procedures based on the SCIN philosophy – skincare, collagen stimulation, injectables, and nutrition – as well as body and wellness services. Dr. Jacobs is also an Allergan Medical Institute faculty member, trainer and speaker. She is one of only a handful of select, certified trainers for Allergan (a world leader in medical aesthetics). To learn more, visit www.kristenjacobs.com.

Local aesthetic physician offers expert tips for healthy skin throughout the holidays




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